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If it is your dream to purchase a world class bird hunting property, you have found the right broker for you. Finding the very "best" bird hunting properties is not only my specialty, it is my passion. Bird hunting is a lifetime passion for me, as evidenced by a strong portfolio of published bird hunting stories and articles in the major sporting journals. I have been living the sporting life and writing about my adventures for forty years now. My background in education, combined with my passion for bird hunting will be at your service as we team together to find the perfect wild bird hunting paradise for you.


If you do not find a property here, let's work together so that I can focus on your needs, then I'll go find one that's right for you. I can also help you determine if the property you have targeted is everything you've dreamed of before you close on it. Whether you are looking for a turn-key hunting property or one that needs  a little wildlife conservation to develop it into a wild game bird sanctuary, I'll help you find it. If you've ever been out on adventure bird hunting and discovered an awesome new area... and then had the thought, "I'd love to own this property", then you are almost there. One of the best ways to really know if a property is the right one for you, ideally, is to hunt it. I can arrange that opportunity for you... to hunt the property before you buy it. The timing needs to work of course, but if not, we can always take our dogs along on a showing to check on game bird populations, as well as other wildlife.  I have done this in the past with success and honestly, I wouldn't buy a bird hunting property myself without this kind of due diligence.  

Bird Hunts

If you love bird hunting and find yourself not ready to buy yet because you want to explore and discover an area that you can truly fall in love with first... come hunt with me! I have several prime areas just waiting to be explored. Give me a call anytime and we can talk about bird hunting. Please look over the stories I have posted here under "Bird Hunting Stories and Adventures" to gauge your interest. Each season, I host a limited number of bird hunts for friends and clients, perhaps you would like to join in on the fun?


If you are thinking about putting your property on the market and believe it has value added due to its value as a sporting property, then you are in the right place. You have found the only real estate website on the world wide web that specializes in selling world class bird hunting property. Did you know that wing shooters are the wealthiest group among all sportsmen. That means when buyers are looking for a bird hunting property, they search in the most obvious place first... Bird Hunting Properties

Bird hunting has been a lifetime passion of mine. I am an outdoor writer with forty years of publishing my bird hunting adventures.  Bringing that level of experience and passion into the real estate world affords me the rare opportunity to call myself a specialist. I not only love my work, I am driven by it. Also, as a former educator from the "helping" profession, I get very excited about the possibility of helping landowners realize a financial dream for their family via the sale of their property.

If you like what you see here at Bird Hunting Properties, give me a call and let's get to know one another. I understand completely that you need the right broker working for you and I'd like the chance to prove myself. You will find that I am as loyal as they come. Just know that you are the boss and you will decide when you have the right buyer at the right price. You won't feel any pressure from me... ever.  If you would like to sell your property, but also would like to continue living there while managing the property into the future, this is also quite possible. You would be surprised at how many buyers are out there that plan their purchase as an absentee owner and actually need someone to manage the property for them and have the place ready for their visits... usually during the hunting season. I look forward to opportunities to talk with you, tour your property and build a lasting relationship based on the sale of your property thus, leaving a financial legacy for your family. 

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