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Bird Hunting Stories and Adventures

Here is a sampling of my bird hunting adventures which are posted online at various bird hunting websites... enjoy. Should you discover a hunt that you'd really like to do yourself, give me a call as I do host a limited number of hunts each season for friends and clients.

A Boykins First Big Boomer

Bird hunting in South Central South Dakota

Upland West Annual Bird Hunting Report

2017 report of my hunting season, from Spaniels in the Field and Flushing Retrievers Foundation

Grouse On The Prairie Hunting With Flushing Dogs

From Gundog Magazine

Through The Eyes Of Another 

A story about the former Vice President of the Audubon Society and The Nature Conservancy. After a double cornea transplant, Charles Scott came to hunt at Prairie Grouse Haven with me. First published in the Doublegun Journal.

Spicy Sausage Rigatoni

Mountain Grouse Haven... hunting two species of Mtn. grouse (Blue grouse and Columbia sharptail grouse) in September and in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It is possible to bag both species on the same hike! From the Doublegun Journal.

Prairie Chickens And Spaniels

Prairie Chickens, especially the mature males or "Boomers", are truly trophy game birds and one of my favorite hunts.

Prairie Chickens And Sharptail Grouse With Flushing Dogs

Strategies for hunting prairie grouse

Prairie Chickens Over Spaniels

From Gundog Guide

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prairie grouse hunting land for sale
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